Wednesday, 6 February 2008

Why are we only warned about L and P drivers?

Here's an idea, courtesy of my partner:

Traffic police will be issued with paintball pistols, and a range of coloured balls. When they see anybody blatantly breaking any road rule other than speed - not indicating, tail-gating or sitting in the right-hand lane at under the speed limit are favourites, here - they get to shoot the car. Ideally, this paint can only be removed with proprietary solvents available at transport department offices, after you've paid the fine.

This will not only allow traffic cops to make many more bookings of dangerous drivers, but will, until the paint has been washed off, warn everyone else that here is someone who is not to be trusted.

And here's another idea: There are already special parking spots for the disabled (this I support) and parents with prams (why? Why do people who choose to breed get given dispensations because they have decided to inconvenience themselves?) and there is motorcycle parking available in many areas, which saves a lot of parking space. How about we set aside special parks for 4WDs, well over the back of the carpark away from everything, as they are clearly outdoorsy people who won't mind the walk, and this way they don't mix with people who won't be able to see what's coming when they try and pull out of their park?

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