Saturday, 16 February 2008

Great mysteries of the Universe: Buffy

When the eponymous vampire slayer is trying to be secret-identity girl and not let on that she's a slayer, she tries to avoid any suggestion that she knows how to fight.

Why didn't she just tell people that she used to train a lot and has a black belt?

Thursday, 14 February 2008

Not quite a hard drive with damning information, but...

Now this is interesting:

We have just bought a brand new, shrink-wrapped-in-the-box, Uniden cordless phone. The old cordless was experiencing a gradual loss of line quality, and we could not longer hear the built-in answering machine.

What's so interesting?

The phonebook in the handset already had numbers in it. There was one for "Adam", one for "Coast", and one for "Farm". All Queensland numbers in the south-east corner.

WTF? I'm guessing that it was a handset returned under warranty, serviced, and put back in a new box. That does not make me confident.

"Just give them the summary..."

Firefox, while long being a poster-child for mainstream open-source software, along with OpenOffice (and my opinions on that have already been posted here), has also long been a telling reminder that the much-vaunted "many-eyes" bug-finding and fault-fixing of open source is not perfect.

The number of long-standing bugs in the various Mozilla code-bases is tiresomly large, and some of them really, really, suck.

Have you tried to print a multi-page document in Firefox lately, only to have a mere one page emerge from the printer? Have you scratched your head in bafflement, and tried again, and looked at all the settings, and found no way of getting the rest of it? No? Well, aren't you a lucky bastard then.

This, it seems, is a
looooooooooong standing bug in Mozilla. Something about not being able to correctly interpret the contents of frames. Or absolutely positioned page elements. Or something. Whatever it is, it's fucking annoying.

Monday, 11 February 2008

The day in comics

I really, really wish this would work:


And this explains many problems with the world as it stands:


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