Friday, 8 February 2008

"His touch was electric..."

Biomechanical power generation! Harness the power of the human body! Get fit with a resistance workout, be good for the environment and never have your PDA go flat away from a powerpoint ever again! All at the same time!

Scientists make knee-brace power generator (ABC News Online).

Given my knees, I could probably get one of these on private health cover. "Really, my physiotherapist told me I needed to maintain the exercise to stabilise the joints!"

I'm wondering about the "generates enough power to charge up to 10 mobile phones at once", though. What sort of ding-bat unit of power is that? Enough power to charge one laptop is useful. But even if you have one mobile phone for work, one for personal and a PDA, plus a bluetooth headset, you're still 6 devices short of making it worthwhile. Although maybe you could also be carrying a high-capacity battery pack for when you stop moving.

Of course, if you don't want to stop moving, I suggest you fit up a treadmill, stair-climber or exercise bike to a generator and plug your computer into that, so that if you don't keep exercising your computer crashes, you lose all your work and the IT officer swears at you. Or, alternatively, takest he pre-emptive approach of prowling the office with a whip.

*CRACK* "Keep moving! Your amperage is dropping!"

Maybe this is why Hiro Protagonist kept himself so fit: He needed to be to power all the hardware he ended up carrying!

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