Tuesday, 4 March 2008

How to make an Apple sexier

A present like this would just about justify getting married.

A steampunk Apple Mac Mini.

Damn that's sexy!

Monday, 3 March 2008

Like beating someone else's head against a door

Douglas Adams is frequently quoted as having written, or said, something along the lines of "Apple Computers may not have got everything right, but at least they worked out that the Century was going to end."

Let's look at something else, shall we? And this, weirdly, may be down to Microsoft getting something right on the Mac platform that they most emphatically didn't get right on their own fucking operating system.

On a new(-ish) Mac, if you go into the settings for Microsoft automatic update (for Office, basically), it says "Automatic update will only run when you have a network connection".

I can tell you right now that if you have a Windows machine and the network connection is not established at boot up, it will still, sure as fuck, try to run automatic updates and then complain about not being able to.

This is not rocket science!

You mean there's more to it than just drinking more?

As a service to all my friends and random encounterers, I would like to point out, for your use and profit, Caffeine: A User's Guide to Getting Optimally Wired.


Is this what Deckard has on his wall?

These are so awesomely cool I'm still wetting myself laughing.

Who would have thought of taking old animal-shaped robots and turning them into cute little hunting trophies that have motion sensors and snarl at passers-by?

I think the lion's the cutest.

"How about just a little bit of terror?"

This astounds me so much that I am at a loss for how to respond. Be sarcastic about their how ironic it is that they were more effective than they wanted to be? Attempt a "well, they're not really hardcore terrorists, are they?" comedy routine? The most bad-taste response eludes me.

I just cannot believe that someone could plan a bombing of a public place, in order to kill people, but declare it unacceptable that they had killed as many people as they did. And yet this is exactly what some of the Bali bombers have just said (ABC News).

What the fuck did they think they were trying to do? Get just the right amount of carnage, death and suffering to cow people without getting them pissed off? I don't believe that terrorists are automatically mentally ill or any other standard of not-normal, but I can not see where the fuck their thought patterns were leading them if that was the end result.

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