Thursday, 13 November 2008

Scumbags on the road

I had to drive into town this morning. I was gone about an hour, including time spent wandering around Supercheap looking vaguely at anything that might be interesting, and went straight there and straight back. So of course, I only ran into two annoying idiots.

The first one was a fat, silver-haired man with a golfing cover on the spare wheel of his little Suzuki 4WD. He drove at the speed limit where nobody drives at the speed limit, which you can't legitimately complain about, but then, approaching the big double-lane roundabout, he went into the outside lane and then attempted to straighten the roundabout by casually moving into the inside lane and then back to the outside on the exit, sweeping right across the road. I was very nearly drawn level with him when he tried it the first time, too. Illegal, dangerous, rude, inconsiderate and completely unnecessary.

The second one was a small, weedy man with a neat little almost-Hitler moustache and the crazed eyes of a bitter, small, weedy little man. He was driving an old 2WD Hilux ute, and had one hand out the window, resting on the wing mirror which, clearly, he was therefore unable to use to actually see what was behind him - you know, the general intended function of a mirror. Even more disturbingly, when I first spotted this he was running his hand back and forth along the top, as though caressing it. He then went around the last corner at about 30km/h. And the pulled over without indicating.

Scumbags of marketing

As I have to look after a Windows computer (these are my sins for having once done it professionally, oh so very long ago...), I found myself having to go and find a registry cleaner.

Here's a tip for you: If it says "Free download!" or "Free scan!", pray that one day you get to meet the company, so you can punch them in the face.

Yes, you can download for free, and you can scan for free and be told that you have 750 errors, but you can't actually do anything about any of them until you pay to register it.

I recommend, if you feel you need a good registry checker, Glarysoft Registry Repair. I have no idea how many other actually free ones are available, but that was the first one I found, and it seemed to actually do something.

It didn't actually fix my problem, which was Nokia Map Loader not running due to an Msvcr80.dll error, but unlike any of the ones I had to download and install before I found out that they were ass-bandits who expected me to shell out money only after running a scan, it was incredibly non-annoying.

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