Tuesday, 5 February 2008

Hey, a new cool toy!

A rare post that isn't a rant.

About, not surprisingly, mobile phones. To recap, what I want from my next mobile is: A powerful Operating System, preferably either one of the Linux alternatives or Symbian, and with a lot of native applications available. I also want it to have the fastest available networking, and WiFi for cheaper data when available.

And a really good camera would be nice, too.

I have been thinking for a while that I may be stuck with fucking Nokia, a company who has replaced design flair with voracious design promiscuity. Motorola: Uses Symbian to make mobile jukeboxes and uses a Linux that can't do HSDPA networking. Samsung: Seem to have been floundering, with an attempt to do a superphone that uses a proprietary OS based on fucking flash, and an obsession with Windows Mobile. Sony-Ericsson will do either music mobiles or camera phones, but can't seem to do a decent smartphone. LG? The Viewty is nice but flawed, and they haven't done a smarphone yet.

Well, Samsung have dusted off their design flair again, and produced something really swish. It even appears to have a decent-sized camera lens, with a cover. Pity it's not a flip, but oh well.

There's just one problem: They haven't even introduced the G800 into Australia. My chances of easily getting my hand on a G810 seems pretty meagre indeed.

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