Wednesday, 6 February 2008

"I see you've discovered the water. Powerful wet, isn't it?"

Large parts of Queensland appear to be flooding, or to have their roads cut, or be about to flood, or are in danger of getting all their dry topsoil downstream, inside someone else's house.

The Brisbane River still seems to be safe from flooding. I mean, Wivenhoe Dam itself is still only at 19.33%, according to South East Queensland Water. Huh! There is a lot of water downstream of the dams!

This was a few months ago at Mt Crosby weir, where Brisbane's water supply is extracted:

And this was today (this photo has been artificially lightened for clarity):

Let's have another angle, shall we?
That's the spillway at the side of the weir, and it has not been flowing in two years. Water is pouring in a steady stream over the top of the weir, and that hasn't happened for even longer. The individual little compartments in the spillway, which is supposed to be a fish ladder, were rank and festering for, ooh, about two years.

The sound of all that water had to be shouted over, and not only was the water upstream at least a foot higher than it had been for, ooh, say about a year, but the level downstream of the weir was the highest I have ever seen it, in my three-ish years of living here. Bring it on!

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