Wednesday, 13 June 2007

Impromptu news comedy.

I'm absolutely positive that the people who write the news make up comedy moments to keep themselves from getting terminally bored, but at times I wonder how the news-readers can keep a straight face.

Take these two gems from this morning's radio news on the ABC:

"Man assaulted with swordfish bone"

"Car crashes into house on highway."

Now, at first glance that second headline doesn't sound all that funny. So a car leaves the road and crashes into a house? Fairly standard accident report.


The car crashed into the house on the highway. The house was on the back of a massive lorry being moved, which is a particularly Queensland thing to do with old houses. Imagine trying to explain that to your insurance company!

Now, a history in theatre and a few jobs connected to telephones has taught me how to focus and not to give the game away by laughing at the wrong moment, but I think I would struggle to read the headline "car crashes into house" if I knew what was coming.

Tuesday, 12 June 2007

It's the little things... v.4 (I'm pretty sure)

This is not unique to Microsoft Access, but that was the most recent program to piss me off: Have a scrollable text field in a form which is itself scrollable between entries. Place the cursor in the text field while the form is editable and there is text going down out of the visible area of the field.

Got that?

Now try and scroll with the mouse-wheel.

The entire form will scroll or, if you're in some sections of Outlook, nothing will happen. No matter where the focus is, you cannot scroll where you want to, with the mouse-wheel.

This, to me, is either bad design or shoddy checking.

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