Saturday, 14 June 2008

Smile, but don't crash, now!

Anybody who pays more attention to the road than the bit immediately in front of them will have noticed the following curious fact about speed cameras:

Even people who are travelling on or under the limit will see one and immediately, and quite sharply, slow down.

Anybody who knows more about driving than being able to use the steering wheel for an arm rest will have realised that this is dangerous behaviour: Suddenly changing speed or direction can result in dangerous situations because you are forcing other people to compensate and other people can not be assumed to be adequate to this task. They may be changing tapes, swearing at the kids in the back seat, or just plain zoned out. Then they run up your arse, and spoil your day.

Now, finally, this:

'Cameras may cause crashes' (Courier Mail)

Well, no shit, Sherlock. Someone in a position of presumed authority has finally said this in public.

In fact, the final line in that article, from National Motorists Association Queensland spokesman MIchael Bates, is brilliant:

"We believe speed limits should be realistic in the first place . . . and enforced by traffic police," he said.

Oh, surely not. Reasonable? Never! Enforced by actual representatives of the law? Impossible! Next he'll be saying that people should be taught how to merge properly so they don't cause accidents!

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