Thursday, 12 June 2008

I thought journalists were supposed to PROVIDE information

For all those out there who write reviews, or news items, or commentary:

If you don't provide a clear and easily accessible and obvious link to source information, or the product you're reviewing, or the organisations you're quoting, you fail.

You may even deserve a big L for loser. Engadget falls into this category: It took me ages to realise that you had to click on the image for external links, and that all links which looked like fucking links were internal. ABC News Online, despite having better journalism than the Courier Mail and other entities, is woefully inferior in understanding the Internet. And it seems that fail as well. While looking at one recent story, I had to go to another external review of the product in order to get a link to the actual product which, being an online office suite, really should have been linked from the original fucking story.

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