Wednesday, 11 June 2008

Dear deity, but this is pathetic.

Apparently there is an annual "Quality of living global index" which ranks cities on how good they are to live in. Not drawn up by the UN, or the World Bank, or anyone you might think would have an interest in this, no: Drawn up by an international investment and consultancy firm.

It seems that Brisbane has slipped a bit in the latest rankings (Courier Mail). Big whoop.

However, what gets me about this story is the response from people to this. I'm not surprised that people are bitching instead of a.) moving to somewhere higher in the rankings, b.) laughing derisively at the idea that you can rank cities like this and expect everybody to agree with you or c.) thinking "Hmm... What do we need to improve?"

What gets me is just how personally people are taking this, and how petty they are about it. Commerce Queensland president got us off to a roaring start with this piece of pointless and "So what?" commentary:

"I am extremely offended," she said.

Your point being?

Employment support enterpreneur Sarina Russo did no better:

"I fail to understand why we have dropped." Well that, right there, may help to explain it, don't you think?

The chief executive of Brisbane Marketing was even more useless, challenging the assessors to "clean their glasses and come again."

Oooh, getting personal! That'll show them! That'll convince them to raise our rating!

And, incidentally, when the article says that Brisbane is the "Worst rated capital in the whole of Australia," I don't see ratings for Darin, Canberra or Hobart. Do you? I think they meant "Worst rated of the Australian capitals assessed." Shoddy workmanship, Melanie Christiansen, shoddy workmanship.

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