Tuesday, 26 February 2008

Gimp, what happened to you?

No, not this bloke.

I mean The GIMP: GNU Image Manipulation Program. Once upon a time, I could select a region of an image with the mouse, hit Ctrl-C to copy it, hit Ctrl-N to create a new image to paste it into, and the new image dialogue box which would pop up would specify dimensions that exactly matched the copied area.

Some time recently, The GIMP in Debian Lenny was upgraded. I have just tried this same trick, and it didn't work. I got the default image size. I could not rely upon creating a new picture with what I had copied. Instead, I got a tiny piece of what I had copied. One of the most useful pieces of software self-awareness I have come across had been turned up.

For the love of Shub-Nigurath, why?

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