Thursday, 24 May 2007

A scarily worthless warning

Stumbled upon the recipe for OpenCola, courtesy of reddit. And noticed something that first made me laugh, then made me laugh even harder.

In the ingredients:
0.50 tsp caffeine (optional. use caution)"

In the instructions:
"Caffeine can be toxic in high doses. Be careful not to add too much to your mixture, and do not ingest large quantities."

I'm sorry, caffeine is optional? And you want to warn me about putting in too much? And not to ingest it in large doses?

I ask you: Who is going to care about something like OpenCola? Geeks. Mums and creative people and the like may make cola from a recipe book but something called OpenCola? Geeks.

What is a defining point of geek culture? Caffeine. Coffee, Jolt, Joules, Penguin mints, even tea, you name it, there is a geek who depends upon it with the fanatical devotion and need of a heroine junky. And here they are posting a recipe for cola which says "Be careful not to add too much."

Good luck, is all I can say. Good luck.

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