Wednesday, 23 May 2007

Games people play: If I squash the bin, I can fit more in

Pretty much everyone's been guilty of this, but there are degrees and degrees and almost brobdingnagian lengths to which people will go to prevent emptying a bin, particularly if it's messy and involves a bag. As the person at work who empties the shredder bin probably more often than most, this is often a cause of wry amusement as well as annoyance. When the bin in the kitchen won't accept coffee grounds and prevents me from refilling the percolator for a fresh batch, it moves into the realm of outright rage-inducing hysteria.

Where it gets really entertaining, however, is the sensor in the shredder that stops it working if the bin gets too full. The quick solution is to squash the bin enough to finish your document. Why it gets entertaining is the number of times I've walked into the room and found something sticking out of the shredder because it was inserted and then left. I swear, if this was a malicious workplace I could have ammunition on half my colleagues by now.

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