Sunday, 13 May 2007

The past is a different year

Dear god, I never expected this. Most online services - email, blogging, whatever, have a policy of deleting your account if you don't use it. Usually, it's a month. I know people who have lost Hotmail accounts because of that, and it seems to be fairly standard. So the other day, when I idly typed in what I thought would be the address of a LiveJournal account I had for all of a few months, the last thing I was expecting was to actually find it. Even more worringly, from a security point of view, I could remember the password. Because I use it for everything else. I'm almost certain this is a bad habit to get into.

I must delete that account, for my own sense of tidying up. But, before I do, I might repeat posts here if they're any good. Which will mean... Two of them, I think. Yes, two of them seems about right.

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