Sunday, 13 May 2007

Edit: Whoops, I forgot the title.

Why does it take sex to sell even the really interesting ideas? Why is it always impossible to just say "Hey, there's a party in Belgium who have a really interesting id... HEY LOOK, BOOBIES!"

Hidden behind an attention-grabbing headline is a very interesting political experiment, which isn't so much novel as the highest profile attempt to make it work that I've yet seen. And honestly, how could you not like a political party that appears to be named after a Monty Python sketch?

Click the link, and read the bottom part of the page. Go on, I dare you. Don't get distracted, now. Although you may not want to do that at work or if anyone else in the room doesn't know why you're doing it.

And is it just me, or is choosing to receive a blowjob in Second Life a bit like winning a Porsche and then selecting the HotWheels version?

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