Wednesday, 14 May 2008

A word about that Scarlet 'A' on the left.

It's the certified Richard Dawkins label of Say It Loud, Say It Proud Atheism.

For those who are reading this in a feed reader and can't see it, here it is again:

A is for AtheistNow, my attitude towards protestations of atheism is similar to that expressed by Douglas Adams (I hope I'm not misinterpreting him here) who, in an interview with American Atheist magazine, answered several questions in a baffled sort of way with answers along the lines of "That question isn't really relevant... It's just not important in England. Maybe it's because I only know atheists, but it's just not something that people care about..." In addition, although I have deeply negative thoughts about the brain-washing, progress-denying, crusade-promoting, deeply sexist and anti-thought organised religions we're expected to subsidise and share our society with, I really couldn't care about someone's personal beliefs or sense of spiritualism provided they don't cross the line into trying to make me care, through personal interaction or public policy.

Unfortunately, like Richard Dawkins I have been confronted with so much religion-sponsored idiocy that it's really starting to piss me off and I return to the violent rejection of religion that I used to entertain, then grew out of, then began pondering again, and now can't seem to be able to avoid.

I am therefore, despite hating the idea that it should be necessary for atheists - a group which should be identified only by not belonging to a group - to identify themselves, letting visitors to this blog know that I believe in critical thought and not the tooth fairy.

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