Monday, 12 May 2008

There's a reason that Christians need their own bookstores to sell anything

There is a second hand books-and-everything-else shop across the road from my new work, and I finally wandered in today to have a look.

It's fantastic. it's one of these shops run by a couple of little old ladies, where there are incredibly tacky antiques, the occasional good find and stacks, I mean literally, of old books. I wandered in, lingered over the Fantasy/SF section (no Bester, no Leiber, too much Larry Niven, one ratty old copy of Lord Of The Rings), and kept on drifting. I came to the self-help etc. section (oh look, there's a copy of Dianetics! That should be in Fantasy, just let me fix that...) and found a book that claimed to present a unique theory of blended personalities and how to understand this and maximise your life.

Nothing wrong with this so far: There are numerous theories of personality or temperament, and why not another one?

So I picked it up, and flicked vaguely through it, not really intending to read anything, when I found the steaming pile of dog turd in the middle; A diagram which claimed that "there are only three basic types of personality". The three could be loosely described as Wrong 1, Wrong 2 and Good. Wrong 1 was something like "Natural Man" and was angsty and nervous. Wrong 2 was something like "Aggressive Self-Promoter" and was all pushy and unable to appreciate life. Good was...

Wait for it...

Drum-roll please...

"Christ-Controlled Christian."

Fuck off and die, you superstitious, sanctimonious hack.

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