Monday, 12 May 2008

Does anyone at Microsoft use their own software?

In Microsoft Word, there is an extremely handy feature to insert a Table of Contents which will generate, and re-generate, itself based upon Heading levels, provided you use the provided styles properly.


But, and there is a head-scratching but:

By default, the provided TOC is not very useful for navigating, because you will still need to find an entry within the list, then navigate by hand to the provided page number. But you can get hyperlinks, allowing you to jump directly from the TOC to any heading at all, by ticking a box which says "Use hyperlinks instead of page numbers."

Except... It still puts page numbers in the table. The difference is that the whole line is a hyperlink, instead of just the page number itself.

I am sure that, given enough thought, I could work out a use case in which this choice makes sense, and it probably has something to do with exporting to HTML (which should never, ever happen from Word) or PDF (which is okay).

But I am equally sure that, even without thinking about it any further, the interface is fecked.

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