Thursday, 18 October 2007

Why you? Well, let me be honest...

Thanks to the legendary Pharyngula, I am aware of the shop on A Girl and Her Fed, to whom I am now indebted for the all-time greatest response to histrionic personality traits. Having worked with personality disorders, had friends with personality disorders and become heartily sick of all of them, having left the mental health industry (more or less. Partly. Well, officially, at least) and no longer (most of the time) having to worry about massaging egos until we can push them in the right direction for self-awareness, I am extremely tempted to buy the "Bitter Jaded Cynic Pin Pack" (most of the way to the bottom of that page), just to get my hands on a lapel pin which says, say it with me:

"I am too old to think your self-centred drama is cute."

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