Sunday, 21 October 2007

Stephen Fry broke my heart

No, not because I'm secretly gay and in love with him. You don't have to be gay to be in love with someone like Stephen Fry.

Because he is also, a man after my own heart, a man most appropriately after the heart of his dear departed and sorely missed friend Douglas N. Adams, a gadget freak. He's a techno nut. A mad lover of all things that go beep and, particularly, have an Apple logo on them.

And he shares my belief in Smart Phones, although a man who can say

"My motto is: I have never met a smart phone I haven't bought."

Is much closer than I am likely to get to satisfying his dark cravings. BASTARD.

Anyway, the reason he broke my heart is that he has dashed my lingering admiration for Sony Ericsson and my from-a-distance desire for the P1. Because a man who has owned one of every smart phone ever made calls it "
What a crushing, lowering, fury-inducing disappointment." And worse: "My disappointment in the P1i turned to anger as the real structural flaws emerged." "The awful laggardly horrors..." "The miserable nonsense..."

I'm going to go away and cry now. I can only hope that by the time I can afford a new phone, Palm have done something exciting again. Actually, the chances of that happening really will make me go away and cry now.

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