Wednesday, 10 October 2007

You can't make a video without breaking wowsers.

Hands up all those who remember the Goodies episode where they start off being asked to produce an S-E-/-\ education film and get pilloried for mentioning the word "gender", then end up with Bill going mad and blowing up the BBC?

Think anything's changed?


"THE BBC is in more hot water with parent and media groups branding its HIV awareness video disgusting and degrading." (Courier Mail)

HIV is disgusting and degrading. Your point?

In all honesty, there are two ways to get HIV: unprotected anal sex and sharing needles. The odds of contracting HIV through vaginal sex are about 1 in 5million. Gay rights and drug education groups have done an extraordinary job of raising awareness of a public health issue which really only impacts upon poofs and druggies, and I admire them greatly for it. I also applaud the BBC for producing a video featuring "GI Johnny and Captain Bareback".

Now tell me exactly how you are going to teach sexual health and safe practices without mentioning sex? Huh?

Get it through your neanderthalically thick skulls that abstinence programs don't work.(I apologise to anyone of Neanderthal descent who might have felt offended by that sentence).


Anonymous said...

Unless you are into fisting or realy rough sex any thing that can make tears in the vaginal area. This is what happens when a person engages in anal intercourse, and not just the first time one dose it but every time.

phil said...

Mary Whitehouse rides again, so to speak.

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