Monday, 9 July 2007

The only time I will ever feel happy saying "They deserved to die"

It is really interesting to occasionally spot your own limits, to find out where you stand not by careful consideration but by gut reaction. The moment when you are disgusted, horrified, or even just made uneasy and track down the reason why. It is an enlightening moment of self-growth, really.

I have written here before about my opinions of scientologists and the medical care they deny (allegedly, maybe) their kith and kin. I now realise they my opinions were not just the fact that it was a child being denied a life most of us take for granted and he may never realise.

It's all of it. It's the mere fact that it's not the murder that makes me mad, that makes me struggle to find a resonse I can even articulate. It's the neglect. The depredation of duty (yes, I used that word advisedly). The.... No, I can't say it. Not without making up swearwords because that's all that will suffice. In a word where there is quite enough to feel apoplectic with rage about, it seems that my limit is FUCKING SCIENTOLOGISTS.

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