Thursday, 12 July 2007

Well, he's the right height for it.

I wonder if Paul Keating has ever heard of Godwin's Law?

Keating in Hitler attack on Howard (ABC)

Personally, I find the thought that Howard responded by saying "I'm a nationalist, I'm a patriot, I'm a believer" to be far more worrying than the thought that Keating may have had a point. He came out and said that. Keating presented a definition by which he was judging Howard which included suspicion of other cultures, and Howard came out and approved. Remember when Pauline Hanson was stupid enough to be photographed standing in a tank and saluting?

Can we please, please, have the federal election and vote Kevin Rudd in? I don't care how out of practice the Labor party are with government, there's such as a thing as the lesser of two evils!

Incidentally, and relevant to nothing: As federal minister for disability services and other things like that, Mal Brough would make a very good Minister for Defence.

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