Friday, 11 May 2007

Y2K was merely a warning...

There seems to be almost a competition on the Interblag to see who can find the most expensive, the most catastrophic, the most ha-ha-it's-funny-because-it-didn't-happen-to-me programming error or otherwise bug. The decision to limit years to just two digits has been the highest-profile blatantly obvious cockup so far, but its memory is becoming faint with time as the sheeple go about their lives content to be content that nothing happened, that it's all okay, that a world in which the idle speed of your car is set by electronic sensors is not a world in which a computer error can catastrophically disrupt their lives. The poor fools.

Brisbane, a city not without its IT cachet, hosting TrollTech's Qtopia development team, has launched a bid for a top spot in the oops-that-was-expensive bug awards: $2 million worth of oops-that-was-expensive

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