Thursday, 10 May 2007

It's the little things... v.2.

It's still the little things that piss me off, and this time it's not Microsoft. My rather nice (bit chunky, but rather nice) and generally well thought-out Hewlett Packard printer has a subtle and simple but quite nasty user design flaw. When you pull out the paper tray, there are absolutely fuck-bugger-all-none guidelines, markings or even vague hints as to which way up paper should go. Which is fine for a packet of generic A4, but gets extremely annoying when you're about to print at 1200dpi on single-sided photo paper using ink that costs more than blood and you'd like to not cock up and have to turn the paper the other way up and repeat the print. No matter how fast it may or may not be.

Luckily, educated guesswork (the paper gets pulled backwards, and comes out forwards, which means it's probably inverted during the process, which means... paper goes face-down) is both simple and correct. But I didn't appreciate having to do a test print to check that before printing at 1200dpi etc.

Come on guys, it's not really that novel a suggestion, is it? (To be fair, the rather oh-my-god powerful photocopier at work has a sticky note permanently taped inside one paper draw with "This end up and face down" written on it. Actually, no, I'm not prepared to be fair. The photocopier manufacturer also cocked up.)

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