Monday, 11 August 2008

Not necessary, just really annoying

The things that can be done using different technologies available to website designers are incredible. They were incredible with just Java, and with DHTML, but then came Flash ( is still my favourite all-time coolness demonstration for Flash, and one fo the few Flash-only websites I will suffer to not be thrown into the fiery lake of torment when the revolution comes), and JavaScript grew up, and now they're not just building online window-manager demonstrations and email clients and chat clients, but online office suites and even image editing programs. And this is really cool.

But,I would like to point out, it's not necessarily good.

In fact, if I ever go to a website that says "There's a lot to load but it's worth the wait!" Then I know for certain that you, Sony-Ericsson, have failed. If I have a fairly recent installation of most things and, a week after the latest Flash version has been updated, I go to a major company's website and it tells me to upgrade Flash, then I will know that you are a rude pack of incompetent bastards who care more about appearance than providing a service to potential customers.

And if I go to a website looking for basic, simple, textual information and I get a drop-down in my the-bastards-made-me-use-it Internet Explorer saying "The following website wants to install ", I will probably beat my head on the desk trying to work out why, in the name of all that is unholy, it was necessary to exceed basic HTML with CSS, and maybe JavaScript, in order to build a website that is basically a Wiki.

People really do try things for the sake of it or because they don't have to think as much, they really do.

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