Tuesday, 12 August 2008

Design 1: Content 0.

I am not a big fan of ABC's online news site. They just don't seem to understand the Internet: No external links is the big one, even on stories which are trumpeting a big new free online public health initiative which readers then have to go and find for themselves. They can even spend a page talking a free telephone service without once mentioning the number. All of which is not only a failure to understand online journalism, it's a failure of basic good journalism. The best they do is link to their own related content, including multimedia. Which is a start.

But, although the journalists and editors might be a bit slack, someone clearly has a good idea or two. I just hit the "Print" link on one story with an embedded photo, and got a little dialogue "Print Options: Include Photo" with a check-box and an OK and a Cancel. Which is a rather nice touch. Well done the web developer.

Now can the content developers catch up, please?

Link to ABC News Online

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