Monday, 28 July 2008

This is really sad

How petty can people get?

From ABC News Online comes Monarchists upset by beer ad. Go and have a look at the ad, then come back. I rather like that billboard - it's get a very nice old/steampunk aesthetic to it.

But monarchists whinging like the poms they're so fond of (sorry to my English friends here, you know I love you), because it says "Forget the monarchy"? And don't you love that question "Why couldn't they say 'Forget the Republicans, support the Publicans'?" Because then it wouldn't be as funny, you pathetic toad.

Honestly, are they so scared of the constitutional monarchy being unable to defend itself? I say let politics get darwinian, the way everything else in a Democracy is supposed to be: may the toughest and most popular system of government win.

Link to ABC News Online report

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