Tuesday, 29 July 2008

Ludicrously stupid interface design decisions: Access 2007

Microsoft Office 2007 has many ludicrous design decisions, but how's this for brilliant stupidity:

While trying to debug a form, I opened the "Subform Field Linker" dialogue box from the "Link child fields" line in the Data section of the Property Sheet. And there was a "Suggest" button, so I pressed it to see what would happne.

What happened was that I got a dialogue box showing 4 possible plain-English versions of SQL statements, and "None".

Here's the problem: Each line said "Show Categories Query for each record in Categories Query using " and then ran into the end of the text field.

I could not read the end of the line.

I could not scroll the text field sideways.

I could not even expand the size of the pop-up window, and therefore the size of the text field.

There was absolutely no way that I could find out what each of the four suggestions actually was.

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