Wednesday, 4 June 2008

Well done, Centrelink

Question M1, on page 30 of the Claim for payments for people with disabilities, illnesses or injuries is "Are you permanently blind?"

Spot the irony.

Even worse is question M2: "Did someone help you complete this form?"

Is this some sort of test? Yes, I'm blind. No, nobody helped me. I'm psychic.

Mua'Dib might be able to fill out a written form using the amazing precognitive powers granted by the geriatric spice, melange, but I'm pretty sure that anybody on this world who was permanently blind, as opposed to merely being very, very badly vision impaired, would have difficulty.

And by the way, does anybody else think that being able to fill out a two-column-per-page form that is 32 pages long could be perceived as seriously calling into doubt your inability to undertake 15 hours of work or study each week? You'd have to do it in installments. Day 1: Lodge intent to claim. Day 2: Pages 1-10. Day 3: Pages 11-20, with a break in the middle...

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