Wednesday, 4 June 2008

It's a different story when CARS are involved!

So, the Queensland Government has been sued by people who claim that roadworks in Cairns have damaged their cars (Courier Mail).

I have two questions:Firstly, did any of those drivers have a look at the road they were driving on and, oh, I don't know, slow down or steer around potholes or try and take a different route? Or are they idiots who are trying to make other people pay for their own incompetence? Oh look, there's a look to a full story in the Cairns Post, which is not all that more helpful, but does make reference to scratched paint from concrete dust, and chassis damage from wet lime. Fair enough. But, this leads me onto:

Secondly: When, a few years ago, Queensalnd motorcyclists were claiming that gravel left around roadworks was shredding their tyres and the only response from the road builders was "Many road bike tyres are very high performance and that makes them delicate", what actually ended up happening?

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