Tuesday, 24 June 2008

Mobile social networking clients make no sense

(Disclaimer before I start: They're not all this stupid, I know, but I don't have access to the better ones.)

I currently have, on my phone, a Nokia-supplied application called Lifeblog (dear god, when will this obsession with baby-talk end?) that I can use to send photos to Livejournal or several other forums that I haven't bothered investigating. I also have a third-party application called Shozu, which will allow me to send photos and other stuff to Blogger (what you're currently reading, although this post wasn't composed on the phone), Livejournal, Picasa, flikr and about a hundred other "social networking" sites.

And yet neither one of those will allow me to go into the application and start typing up a simple text post. Livejournal will let me send posts via SMS, but only in the US. It will let me send posts via email, but only if I upgrade to a paid account. Interestingly, it will also only accept photos via Lifeblog if I have a paid account, but will happily accept photos through Shozu for a free account. Weird.

Why can't I send text to a blog easily? At the moment, in Lifeblog I can select a photo (or text note, or SMS, or anything else), select "Post to web", and get a post template for LJ from which I can delete the attachment and to which I can add text. Bit of a kludge, no?

In Shozu I haven't even tried, but I do know that I can't just select one of the defined sites and go to "Create new content".

Short of a custom client for one of those sites, which I'm reluctant to investigate given the options I already have, I have to jump through hoops to send the most basic and efficient of electronic communications media, plain text.

Have people forgotten about Web "1.0" in their mad scramble to be seen as "getting" "Web 2.0"?

Link to Shozu, if you're that masochistic.
Explanation of "Web 2.0"
My LiveJournal account - currently has no limits set on who can view what.

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