Wednesday, 25 June 2008

Hey, where the hell did that heart-warming moment come from?

I have a confession to make.

I'm sick.

I like politically incorrect jokes (that are funny - most of them actually aren't), I like comic strips in the tradition on Far Side, and heartwarming stories of people overcoming adversity by playing with the normal children make me want to vomit (I know, I made a great career choice getting into disability services, didn't I?). Oh yes, and: If you use the spelling disAbility or the phrase "differently abled" or even "taking the dis out of disability" in my presence, don't be surprised if I scream apoplectically and launch myself at your throat.

So this morning I'm slowly going through the archives of sick and twisted Internet comic strip Killer Spoons (contains fecal humour and abortion jokes) when I stumble across what may be the only actually good "disabled getting out there" example I've seen all year: Speed Wheeler.

That kid needs one of these.

P.S.: I wonder how much of the Paralympics will get televised this year?

Link to strip Speed Wheeler.
Link to ParaPros Racing (check out the gallery, then practice saying "Gnarly, dude!" until you stop feeling self-conscious about it.)

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