Friday, 20 June 2008

Apparently, I live in a textual world

Interesting revelation. Where "interesting" has a value somewhere between "so what?" and "now that says a lot about personal usage patterns and deserves investigating!" depending upon whether you work for Nokia or don't even know who they are.

I have just gone to pay my monthly mobile bill and, as is my habit, downloaded the complete usage pattern for that month so that I could throw it into a spreadsheet and see if I'm actually getting value (I know, I'm a geek).

This is the interesting part: There were four voice calls listed. Just four. A couple of Retrieve Voicemail, a few Deliver Voicemail (which I don't get charged for anyway, so I don't know why they were there), but the rest were TXT or PKT, which is "packet data" - mobile internet. I just don't call people from mobile. If I'm at home I use the landline, if I need to contact someone with a mobile I send a text in case they're busy or driving or something.

The "phone" part of "mobile phone" really is getting subsumed in the "portable computer that does really cool stuff" part.

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