Thursday, 17 January 2008

Why don't diners get to pick their live chicken the way they pick their live lobster?

I don't like Jamie Oliver. He's a prat, basically. And while I recognise that it's my problem that his personality makes me want to fling something at the TV screen, I can't get over that and I'll continue to not like him as much as, say, Posh Nosh. Or the Hairy Bikers.

But this I have to applaud. After getting a licence to slaughter animals, the chubby combi-driving one slaughtered a live chicken on air in order to point out to people where their meat comes from, and that it's been produced in unacceptable conditions.

I enjoy meat, and particularly chicken, and I've resolved my guilt over causing other animals to die for my gratification, but I hate other animals being forced to suffer first. So good on you, Jamie.

This was pointed out by highly informative neurosciences blogger Jonah Lehrer of The Frontal Cortex, whose book I am going to have to buy sometime.

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