Friday, 11 January 2008

"Whoops", I can only assume

Remember the Airbus A380? The world's biggest passenger plane, double-decker all the way along, very impressive piece of engineering I'm sure, and not susceptible to attack by crackers, unlike some I could mention.


"Passengers on the world's biggest plane had to switch aircraft in Singapore after the first commercial super jumbo accidentally touched the grass on the side of the tarmac as it left the departure terminal."

You have got to be fucking kidding me. "Accidentally touched the grass"? And for this it needs to be pulled out of service and given a thorough going-over? This is either the worst case of incomplete reporting I've ever seen, or the most ludicrous case of safety paranoia. How the hell could landing gear built to bear the weight of that fully-loaded behemoth, and all the stresses of take-off and landing and the speeds involved, possibly be damaged by accidentally coming into contact with a bit of grass while being towed?

I'm sure that there is a good and cogent reason for this level of caution, but I'm pretty sure that there shouldn't be.

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Anonymous said...

My vote is for incompetant and incompleat reporting.

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