Friday, 7 December 2007

Is this sour grapes or just stupidity?

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, rates of christianity in Brisbane are falling. Which is, in my not-so humble opinion, a good thing. But here's the rub:

According to an Associate Professor of something-undisclosed, the reason is consumerism.

Yesssss, clearly the reason I don't go to church isn't because I believe they're morally reprehensible, factually wildly incorrect and attempt indoctrination to a degree that tips them over into child abuse, it's because I'm too busy shopping. LIke, oh my gawd, I totally never realised that!

Supporting this view, apparently, is the fact that the highest level of non-believing is in the "wealthy Liberal electorate of Ryan". I like that "wealthy Liberal" throw-away line there, but be that as it may, I can sense the echoes of Karl Marx rolling in his grave and mumbling "opiate of the masses" through his beard.

On the other hand, the churches are worried by people shopping around, and trying to find a church to fit their lifestyle.

Does anyone else think that if a church can't convince people that they're (eternally) relevant and important and correct, and that the other mob aren't, they don't deserve their worshippers and do, in fact, deserve to shrivel up and die like the leach upon society that they are?

Courier Mail report here.

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