Saturday, 8 December 2007

Hmm... peaty, and with overtones of bondage gear

First, a warning: If you don't know anything about the film "Preaching to the Perverted", go and find out before reading on. And if you're hideously disgusted, stop reading. Or not, your choice.

On that official movie page, there is a synopsis of the "performance artists" who appeared in the film.

This is the bit that got me:

"Luci The Axle Grinder or Lucifire as she is better known, chucked in her whiskey testing job as a research scientist for United Distillers to take a degree in contemporary dance. During that time she developed an unhealthy interest in semi-industrial power tools and an over zealous pyromania. She is working as a freelance performer either solo or with other performers such as Archaos, High Rise Rubber, the famous Coney Island Sideshow."

Excuse me? She packed in a job as whiskey tester to become a performance dance pyromaniac?

I think I'm in love. How do you get a job like that???

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