Sunday, 25 November 2007

Telcos are idiots.

Why are telecommunications companies so incompetent at website design? If you log into Vodafone, you get a page called "My Vodafone" (Microsoft has a lot to answer for, and Memnoc himself could not devise a sufficient punishment) extolling all the things you can do, like pay your account online (ooh! innovative!) or manage your voicemail, or stuff like that.

Here's the thing:

None of the icons, and none of the list items, are links. You'd think, wouldn't you, when faced with a website, that clicking on an icon that said "My Account" would take you to said page, wouldn't you? No. Apparently not. Apparently Vodafone haven't heard of user interface enhancements like that, and don't like their customers. So you have to go to the unfriendly, badly designed menu list on the left and find the appropriate entry just so that you can navigate through the unfriendly, badly designed website.

Virgin Mobile are looking really attractive right now.

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