Thursday, 4 October 2007

We. Need. A. Parenting. Licence.

There's nothing particularly startling about this story: It happens all the time, or something like it, across America and parts of the world that don't even pretend to be advanced Western democracies. But maybe I'm just feeling less world-weary today:

Parents kick out 14-year-old girl for being bisexual. Girl shoots herself in the head.

The comment "The parents could have prevented this" is not so much redundant as breath-takingly idiotic. The state may have been able to prevent this by requiring a licence to breed.

"Examiner: If your son or daughter revealed that they held personal beliefs, sexual orientation or behaviour patterns that offended you, what your response be?"

"Prospective Parent: I'd kick the ungrateful bitch out!"

"Examiner: Guards!"

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