Thursday, 28 June 2007

Oh look! Tags!

Despite being a great believer in tags, I haven't actually used them yet on this blog. So I've started, and started going through updating old posts, sporadically and unevenly.


phil said...

I'm in the "nice to have, not essential to use" camp.

Which leads me to ask, in a not necessarily very logical progression, "what do people use them for?"

Dubito said...

Organising shit. Being able to look back and find things easily.

Or, my personal favourite: Using tags in place of database categories.

At work I have 400+ websites categorised using and the Firefox toolbar. I can now find the websites of all organisations who offer allied health care under the HACC program, in Bundaberg.

Sure beets using Access.

phil said...

Oh. Thanks. A couple of posts ago I mentioned about my increasing technophobia. It's not a good development. I really struggle with software (anything I can't see and touch).

I'll have to go away and think about this.

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