Thursday, 28 June 2007

Cool toy... Must... Resist... Urge

I have mentioned before in this blog that I have rather high standards of a smarter-than-your-average-bear mobile phone/PDA thingamajigs. I also have high standard of standard mobiles, but I'm setting my sights higher than that.

I have also mentioned, in that post, that I would be fairly impressed with the Sony-Ericsson M600i if it only had WiFi and a camera, and the keyboard was usable (which is up for debate, ATM).

And then I discovered that the two lacking parts were being rectified. And I was happy.

Well, now the first prototypes of the P1 are being handed out to reviewers (how do you get a gig like that? Please?) and I have this to say:

Want one... Want one... Want one... Want one...

As a deal-making bonus, unlike the Microsoft-hegemonising Windows Mobile fucking platform which has a proprietary PC synchronisation solution that they keep changing with OS versions, the UIQ/Symbian P1 has SyncML! YES! I knew that the ghost of Psion wouldn't let me down!

I was also amused that GSMArena shared my thoughts on phone navigation:

"Somehow, the smartphone platform cannot really use the stylus efficiently as much as PocketPC does and it turns into more of a deterrent since you have to use both your hands to do things you could have easily done with a simple joystick or a D-pad if one was available."

Let me reiterate: Give me a phone that can be driven like a phone when used as a phone.

Now: Does Opera8 for Symbian run google docs smoothly?? Please???

Oh, and one last thing: Sell it in Australia, you bastards.

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