Sunday, 31 January 2010

Sods laws of motorcycling:

(These will be updated, of course)

  • When riding in town on a hot day, there will be shade on the road, just not where you have to stop.

  • When riding in town, the light will turn green ten seconds after you decide to put it in neutral and stretch.

  • No matter how little rain you ride through, you will still get wet underpants.

  • Any attempt to find a quicker back-roads route because the highway is clogged, will backfire.

  • Any attempt to use the above rule to choose the most efficient route, will backfire.

  • When you have a choice of different weight jackets, you will choose the wrong one.

  • The night you come home and decide you can't be bothered putting the cover on, there will be torrential rain and it will get into the instrument panel

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