Thursday, 12 February 2009

T9Nav versus SkyeQuiKey

In reference to my last post, where I said that I may well try the 1-day trial version of the it's-still-got-a-bloody-stupid-name SkyeQuiKey:

Yes, of course I did, what did you expect?

And I have this to say: The established SkyeQuiKey loses, big time, to T9Nav. I knew this after ten seconds.

How did I come to this seemingly knee-jerk reaction?

This is why SkyeQuiKey loses, and T9Nav is just plain superior:

SkyeQuiKey doesn't search within, only from the beginning

If I, for example, have a phone number that I don't recognise and want to find out who it belongs to, on the off-chance that I have it attached to an address book entry in my phone, I can start typing "38" and see what comes up.

With T9Nav, every number that contains 38, at the beginning or the end of somewhere in the middle, is identified. As are every file with 38 in the name, or with [DEF][TUV] in the name, and so on. That doesn't matter, for I shall simply continue with the next numbers, let's say 12 (in case you're interested, this is the first half of my optometrist's number), and we shall narrow it down further. 

With SkyeQuiKey, there is a serious problem: It will not identify anywhere in the name, and so, and here's the clincher, it will not identify numbers that have been entered with an area code, e.g. 07, at the start. 

This is not a major problem. It's annoying in this example, but not a major problem. What it is, is a sign that T9Nav has been thought about a bit harder, and is more powerful, more flexible, and ultimately has that tiny modicum less of nuisance value attached to it.

We have a winner.

Link to buy SkyQuiKey online
Link to buy T9 Nav on Nokia's brand-spanking-new Software Market. Register on the Market, and you get a 15% discount on everything for the rest of February, 2009.


mary lou said...

T9 Nav is now released with new features including customizable search options.

Anonymous said...

Good article !
Also notice that SkyeQuiKey is not able to search in all phone numbers for a contact. It searches only the first number. T9Nav searches all the numbers , and as you said it's the winner !

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