Wednesday, 26 November 2008

That CAN'T be what the word means!

The prototype Ducati Streetfighter is the ugliest motorcycle it has ever been my horror to perceive. It look as though a hurricane swept through a junkyard and managed to assemble a motorcycle. It looks as though Ducati had a think, and thought "Well, the Benelli TNT is the maddest naked bike on the market, so not only will we have to build a bike more powerful than that, but uglier as well!" And, damn them, they succeeded. There are more jagged edges and conflicting shapes on that bike than on Honda's entire catalogue.

So please, for the sake of my sanity, explain to me how it managed to win 'Most Beautiful Bike Of The Show" in Milan?

Beautiful? Oh, please gods, no. How do you justify calling that "beautiful"? There's one beautiful angle on the entire bike - rear three-quarters.

What is this new standard of "beauty" that focuses more on eye-watering visual impact than upon, well, beauty?

I despair of humanity, I really do.

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