Tuesday, 14 October 2008

So near, and yet so far

I have a new protective case for my N95. The last one, $10 and plastic, cracked and the crack lengthened and my valiant attempts to halt the decline were eventually defeated.

So I bought a new one, off eBay, for $11 including postage (actually $1, and 10$ postage). It's brushed aluminium, lined with plastic to protect the phone, and it looks rather swish and all the cutouts for buttons and ports are perfectly placed.

There are just there problems.

It doesn't protect the screen. It has no little plastic sacrificial window in it. I thought protecting the screen was the whole
point of a protector, but never mind.

The power button doesn't work. Instead of being accessed via cutout, the already recessed power button on top of the phone is pressed by a plastic button hinged to the case. Which doesn't work, no matter how hard you press it. I suspect that the hinge makes the extra button press on the correct button at the wrong angle. I suspect I will remove the plastic button, and use a pen.

It's already broken. Less than 24 hours after putting the bloody thing on, the plastic lining on the slide's cover is already broken top and button where it clips around the ends of the slide. I discovered this when I slid it open and it caught. Now, I have no doubt that a dual slide mechanism is difficult on clips, but
come on. That was the first thing to go on the first protector, as well. Can't anybody get it right?

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