Monday, 27 October 2008

Note to budding superheros: Lycra melts and offers no protection. Wear bike leathers.

I have an idea for a vigilante-style superhero comic.

It's called "Driver Education Rider and his side-kick, Orbiting Hyper Death Space Ray".

It works something like this:

  • Driver Education Rider is riding through traffic, minding his own business, when a large 4WD forces him to take evasive action by merging into him.
  • DER pulls up next to the 4WD at the lights.
  • DER: "Excuse me sir, but did you see me when you changed lanes back there?"
  • Driver: "Huh?"
  • DER: *PUNCH*
His sidekick, Orbiting Hyper-Death Space Ray, is in constant radio contact.

  • DER: "DER to Orbiting Hyper-Death Space Ray. Did you see that blue vehicle pull out of that side-street?"
  • OHDSR: "Sure did, skipper!"
  • DER: "Good work, boy!"
  • OHDSR: "Arf! Arf!"
Or, maybe not.

If I had any drawing talent at all I'd do a couple of episodes, for the hell of it.

P.S.: I toyed with the question of whether he should be "Driver Education Rider" or "Driver Re-Education Rider", but since most drivers in need of re-education don't appear to have been educated in the first place, I settled on DER.

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