Tuesday, 5 August 2008

Hey, that's neat...

So, it seems that Samsung have been trying to redeem themselves and be builders of desirable high-end phones instead of desirable looking phones that, like a slightly dim girl blessed with natural good looks and a scholarship to a finishing school, disappoints you halfway through the date by giving you a confused look and saying "Huh?" in their original accent.

Behold the first 8, that's eight, I repeat eight megapixel camera phone, the (oh dear) Innov8. Top marks for the design and the hardware, but honestly guys? It's a lot safer to just do a Nokia and stick with numbers.

It's got fancy camera software, and built-in GPS, and everything else, and normally I would be saying "Yeah, yeah, it's better than my phone, so what, it's new" and moving on. But this thing has an optical mouse. I have commented before that I really wish the next sweeping change in mobile design would be Blackberry's trackball, which Samsung, the design tarts that they are, have played with. Well, this phone goes one better. In the same way that mice moved from lint-attracting balls to optical sensors, there is an optical pad which serves the same function as a trackball, but is cooler

Earth calling Nokia: Copy this.

Link to All About Symbian review.

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