Sunday, 6 April 2008

Not bad, just broken.

My current thoughts about Samsung can be read here, as well as other posts. But I'm afraid that, yes, I've got another gripe.

For a while now I've been intending to get my girlfriend and I a pair of BlueAnt Interphone bluetooth motorcycle intercom headsets - they're really small and neat and they can do bike-to-bike communication at 150m. Yay BlueAnt.

However, I haven't. Yet. However, a friend who has been spending hand over fist on motorbike kit because he's making a documentary and will get it back in tax has bought two, and leant us one while he heads off to Kakadu via Alice Springs with more cameras than colleagues.

And I attached it to my helmet, and paired it with my phone, and found that I could make or receive calls through the phone, and the answer button on the unit worked, and then tried playing MP3s through the headset off the phone. Which didn't work.

I tried several things, and then found the phone's manual. Which told me that there would be menu items in the media player for "Send sound to bluetooth" and "Play via bluetooth."

Actually, no, there aren't. I mean it. I could not get those menu items, and so today when I saw the expedition off in Toowoomba and rode back alone (somebody was recovering from the prevoius night's hangover and didn't come) I was not listening to music. Because Samsung
fucked up.

This is not a missing feature, it's a break. When the manual documents and details functionality that does not actually exist, there is something
wrong, not something that they weren't bright, considerate or far-sighted enough to not do in the first place. This is a bug. Samsung, I used to like you. Now you suck.

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